1998 Buell S3T

other bikes: 2000 Buell Blast owner's life: I'm 28 and live in Casper, Wyoming. bike info: This Bike as 17,000 miles on it and is used ever day for going to work. owner mods: I've added the racing ecm (more power) and most importantly the Zero Gravity +3" Windshield which REALLY cut down on wind shear on my helmet. costs: Negligible cost to maintain. Buell's have a bad reputuation, which is only partially deserved. The newer ('98 and up) bikes are EXCELLENT. Clifford Gindulis



Where can one get bags like those shown? thanks


The bags are a result of the T in the model name. It stands for Touring. Buell hasn't made a lot of touring models (just this one I believe), but their fans continue to lobby for another one.

James (not verified)

Where can I get one of those windshields at? I've got an '03 Blast.

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