1999 Honda 750 Nighthawk in Raleigh, NC

I ride 25 miles to work every day providing it's above 40 degrees and or it's not a torrential down pour when I leave in the morning. Some minor intake, carb. and exhaust modifications have really opened up the power on this bike. Most days I take the long way home. I have been riding bikes off and on for 30 years now. It is one of my life's simple pleasures.



Sounds great! I own a repair shop in Detroit. That motor never says die!

The Nighthawk is a great bike1

It's a good daily rider too!


My 92 has nearly 70M miles, the last 45M by me. In that time, I've replaced tires, chain (once), battery (once) and oil/filter. That's it! It gets 40+ MPG, 55-60 on the highway, rides smooth, costs me $13 bucks a month to insure. And it can cruise all day at 90 in perfect comfort. No backbreaking crouch or spine-killing cruiser laydown. And you can buy them by the dozen at about $2000 each.

No wonder Honda made them, with no changes, for 12 years (91-03). The wonder is why more riders didn't buy them.

Nighthawk 750. Ir may be the best all-around bike ever made.