1999 Honda CBR 600F4

This is my 1999 Honda CBR 600F4, it is my daily drive! I commute about 25 miles a day and absolutely love my ride. I have a car, but most of the time I take the bike, it is far more economical and fun. It has a very comfortable seating position, aggressive, but not uncomfortable. I have not done much to it from its stock form, but I have put flush mount turn signals and running lights on it. Tom Palermo


flush mounts

i've been looking for front and rear flush mounts and fender elimanator. i have this exact bike in the same color. can u help me with some info on where to find flush mounts. jlarge9@yahoo.com

you can pretty much order

you can pretty much order anything from them and if they dont carry it they can head u inm the right direction

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Honda CBR 600F4

This is my 1999 Honda CBR 600F4 too. But my bike's color is red. I love this four stroke, 6 speed monster. Last month I bought a blue Dodge Nitro and car loans West Palm Beach helped me a lot to arrange the handsome amount of money. I'm now quite busy with my new toy.

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