1999 Kawasaki Concours

As a woman from Dale City, VA who commutes one-way 32 miles in the HOV Lanes of I-95/I-395 to DC to work on her bike, I sure can get some strange looks. Especially if thatday, the temperture is only 20 degrees outside. I ride to work everyday, rain or shine and sometimes snow if it doesn't look like it's going tostick. I do avoid the ice storms. My husband and I both ride our bikes to work. He has the same bike as I do - just a year older. I've never seen my bike as a recreationvehicle. It gets me to and from work and any other place I want to go. Last March, when I went down in the rain because a careless driver cut into mypath, I learned just how much that bike meant to me. I spent a month withoutit while I recovered from a sprained shoulder. My commutes were hell.I also learned a great lesson about insurance companies - they don't see bikes asvehicle - they totalled my bike although it was still very ridable. I bought it back and we plasticwelded the bike back together. In the picture, does that look like a totaled bike to you?I also have found it so much cheaper to ride to work too. It costs me $6/month to park unlikemy car counterparts - it costs them nearly $45/month. It's also cheaper to run my bike then my car with the cost of fuel these days. I get nearly 45 miles/gallon and I have a 7.5 gallon tank on my bike. I'm not going to get that in my car. We've also put money into accessories for my bike to add to it's comfort for me. Tracy Horstman



Awesome Tracy! Keep up riding! I love my Concours as well. Joe in Arizona

Concours riders rule!!!

From another proud 'Connie' owner in Wilmington NC!!

Broken Plastic sucks!!

And it is EXPENSIVE to replace! Having plastic welded my farings a time or two...

Shaun (not verified)
ride to work

Well i guess e do or die commuters have to put up with it all. i ride 26 each way from chicago to the burbs. rain sleet dark of night and the dreaded heat! especially geared up :) stay alert out there.

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