2000 Honda XR 650R

owner's life: San Jose, Ca bike info: Bought the bike new in March of 2001. I use it to commute to work most days, about 15 miles. Also, use it in the hills and off road. owner mods: I added a Baja Designs kit to make it street legal and a set of IRC GP 110 enduro tires for street riding. personal info: Mechanical engineer. Ken


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I have one fast as hell.

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The XR650R clearly stands

The XR650R clearly stands alone as the world’s premier open-class four-stroke dirt bike. We’ve applied technology from our entire motorcycle line to craft this off-road winner.

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Honda a classic player

Theirs always one brand name which will always be called as people motorbike bran and that is Honda.Even the 2000 Honda XR 650R had been introduced in market to meet people need for sports bike ,it may not me that trendy but its really worthy to be in competition.
Bajaj avenger 220