2000 Kawa ZRX1100

owner's life: 37 year sold in the Fort Worth TX, area bike info: 7800mi I am the first owner. I live about 7 miles from work so I have to take the long way in alot :) I love this bike. The flaw is that the front wheel does not want to stay down. It does go through back tires faster than my last bike. costs: I have owned this bike for 1 year. oil and filters $90.00. Tires (back) $160.00 mounted. This bike takes me back to when I was 19 and first say the KZ1000R1. I had a GPz750 at the time and loved it. This bike has plenty of power and handles real well. I have taken it on a 1000mi tour and ran flawlessly. The seat could be better but it still didnt make me stop. personal info: I work for a cargo airline in D/FW. I like action films. Arnold movies the most :) If I won a million bucks.....well after I came too I would buy new motorcycles. One for each type of riding ie dirt, sport, cruiser.. Steve Perez


You can only ride one at a time!!

Stick with that ZRX!! Nice bike!!