2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic

I ride most every day to work. Only if it is raining when I leave the house does my scooter stay home. Houston traffic doesn't bother me at all. Guess I must be a little crazy. Joe Routh


Debora Riggs (not verified)
Vulcan Classic 800 1996

Good to hear you ride to work. Inspiration. I work 8 miles from my home and sometimes it is just too much work to get ready rather than zoning out and riding in my car for my 7am patient- I am a dental hygienist. But, I love my red and white Classic and because of you, I will ride tomorrow again!

barry (not verified)
looks good. of course it

looks good. of course it would look so much better in RED & WHITE, like mine.

Tom (not verified)
2000 Vulcan 800 Clasic

I got my Vulcan last summer and love it. But it seems on the freeway it doesn’t seem to want to run the speed limit of 70mph. 65mph no problem but feels like its missing and wants to die above 70. Had the carburetor cleaned and the valves adjusted. Wondering if its just my bike or just a 800 thing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks