2000 Suzuki GSX-R750

other bikes: Only one! owner's life: Michael J. 41 yrs, San Diego, CA bike info: 3200 miles, original owner, commute about 3 miles to work, canyon riding on weekends, 2-3 track days per year. Great power, handles well, not the most comfortable on long trips owner mods: Windscreen - better protection; PCII - FI power mapping; Undertail with LED lights - better looks, more light; stripped all stickers - like the looks better costs: 2 oil changes, 1 set tires, 1 year: $250. Gas over 1 year: about $250. Great to own & ride! personal info: Born, raised in Brooklyn, New York; Family nuber one interest; volleyball, water skiing, motorcycles; Alternative music; steaks; million dollars: pay off all debts, help family, move, charity, & party. Michael J.