2000 Suzuki Marauder

other bikes: Originally has a 83 Suzuki GS450L. Great little bike but eventualy had to move on. owner's life: Bought this bike as a birthday present to myself. It had .2 miles on it. bike info: The mile to work are about 10, I take the back roads to avoid the morning traffic on 8W. I absolutely love this bike. It is such a great fit. owner mods: No real modifications except the dealer putting on the ferring. costs: The Marauder gets better milage on the highways than city. About 100 miles per tank highway and around 80 city. Gas prices in San Diego are outrageous but I still put in the 93 so it's about $5 to fill. I no longer ride and see other bikes and wish that was mine, the Marauder is perfect for me. personal info: I live in San Diego and work for Kaiser Permanente as a PC/LAN Technical Analyst. Hy hobbies are computers, sports, enjoying my house and family. Fav movie is Breakfast Club, fav music is 80's early 90's pop, fav foods Italian. If I won a million $$ I would move my family from NY to San Diego, take some time off to do what ever, do a little home imporvement, and then go back to work. Carin Elliott