2000 Victory V92C

owner's life: I'm 34, I own my Vic and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. bike info: The bike has 3500 miles on it now - had 1500 on it when I bought it 2 months ago. It is my primary means of getting to and from work from March through November or at least when the snow melts and when it starts to fly (and stick). Used to own a Yamaha Virago, but I'm proud to be an American and couldn't see supporting a non-american made bike company. So I bought the Vic - 90% american made parts and assembled in America!!! My commute is about 20 miles and there are so many different ways to get here it makes it interesting everyday. My Vic is great - handles like a sport bike, has a big sound through the slash cut pipes and has power. Haven't found anything I don't like about it at this point. It's a cruiser style bike and it always turns heads. owner mods: I've added a memphis shades shield, a tank strap, saddle bags and slash cut pipes. costs: Relative to the SUV sitting in the driveway, the Vic is much less costly to drive. Much better gas mileage and a much funner commute. personal info: I work for a software company in Grand Rapids Michigan, am originally from Kalamazoo (yes there really is a Kalamazoo) and have spent time all across the states. I like all kinds of music, but my personal favorite to listen to and play (guitar) is the blues. If I won a million dollars, I'd buy a couple more bikes, customize them and then bank the rest. Chris Dukes