2000 Yamaha R6

other bikes: I also own a 2001 Yamaha TTr125L. I use this bike for weekends at the Motocross park or for riding the local fireroads. I had to have one of each!! owner's life: I (Teresa) owns this bike. I am 33 years old and live in Anaheim Hills, California. bike info: I bought this bike new a little over a year ago. I used to ride it mostly for pleasure but have now found myself riding it to work more often. I am fortunate enough to live really close to where I work, so I have a choice of either the freeway or sidestreets. If I opt for the freeway, its pretty boring and takes only 10 minutes to get to my destination. However, if I take the streets there is actually pleasure in the commute. From where I live to work, there are hills, curves, and nice scenery. Overall, it's a nice ride. The most appreciated features about this bike are it's acceleration ability, its weight, and the ease of handling. All of these features make it a perfect bike for riding through tough traffic situations. As far as features that I don't like...I can't really think of any. I'm totally in love with this bike. owner mods: I have added a new titanium exhaust system, which added horsepower and reduced the total weight of the bike. All of the other modifications were primarily cosmetic in nature with some weight reduction as a result (i.e. removed passenger footpegs, removed stock turn signals and replaced with lighter, more aerodynamic ones, etc.) costs: Owning and operating this bike has been considerably less than my car, especially since I own a Mustang GT. With the price of gas, tires, and general wear and tear, my bike is by far more economical. I've owned this bike for a little over a year and before this one, had a '91 Suzuki GSXR 750. I honestly didn't compare this bike to any others because I already had my mind made up from the second I saw the bike. I'm sure I could have bought something different, but I was going on overall looks, styling, and Yamaha's reputation for great quality products. I am very happy with this bike and don't look to get rid of it any time soon! personal info: I live in Anaheim Hills, CA. My other hobbies and interests include motocross, rubber stamping, snow skiing, and hiking. Most of my favorite books are written by Michael Crichton, a couple of my favorite movies are Shawshank Redemption and Tombstone, and my favorite food is pretty much anything from the seafood department. If I won a million dollars I would first pay off all of my student loans--who knew school was so expensive these days? I would then go to nearest MV Agusta dealer and spend about $28,500 of it on an MV Agustu Senna--beautiful bike! Of course I would probaby buy my boyfriend that new Honda CR450 he's been wanting. Once we had all the toys we needed, I guess we could look at a nicer place to live. Teresa


Nicer place to live?

For bike riding, who could ask for a nicer place than Southern California? In Anahiem Hills no less. We even get to split lanes here. Very nice bike by the way.

Curious VTX1800C rider in So Cal.