2001 Buell Blast 500cc

other bikes: 73 Kaw 350 Big Horn79 Yami 650 Special71 Yami 360 Enduro73 Honda 10072 Honda 70I used to ride trails but now days there are none left to ride near where I live. Bummer because I still have the 350 Big Horn, but it doesn't get ridden much. owner's life: I am the owner. I am 40 years old. This is my 6th motorcycle. I live near Fort Wayne, IN. I have been away from riding for several years. Glad to be back in the saddle again. bike info: I have had the bike for about 3 months. Already hit 4300 miles. The bike is excellent for touring the twisty back roads but can hang pretty good on the express way. It is a fun bike to ride. It is a single thumper. Very simple. But has a cool sound with the push rod valves. I really like the design for how the oil change works. The bike is also equipped with a good set of brakes. The Buell has the exhaust pipe under the bike which allows me to use my large cloth saddle bags on it. A rev limiter automatically cuts out the spark when max revs are exceeded. The ignition keeps the engine firing in all weather. My old 650 would start to miss-fire in wet weather. owner mods: I put a Buell wind screen on it. I get fatigued riding interstate speeds. The screen really helps. I threw my old costs: The bike is holding pretty close to 73 mpg,which is what it is rated at. The bike was $4400 bucks new. I decided to start riding again after gas went to $2 bucks a gallon a while back. I enjoyed the Blast so much on the back roads that I pretty much ride it every day to work which is about 70 miles round trip in northern Indiana. The fuel savings almost pays for the bike. personal info: Automotive Design Engineer, I design parts for the auto industry. I do ride with a full faced helmet and leathers. Dave VZ


Fuel mileage

Hi Dave,

I'm Ron, from Scotland, and I am planning a LONG motorcycle trip in the USA this summer, and it is a bit of a strange plan because it is very, very environmentally-focussed with the purpose of writing a book about the journey.

This daft plan means I need a 'real' size motorcycle that can deliver the kind of fuel mileage you are talking about for your Buell Blast.

I wonder if you would mind exchanging emails with me so that I can get a better idea of what the Blast will do when touring long-distance, and of its suitability for the job I have in mind.

I would really like to hear back from you if possible. My email address is ronmcmillan@gmail.com and my website is www.ronmcmillan.com

Thanks in advance,



I would like to know where you got the windscreen and how much



Windscreen For The Blast

The windscreen is part #57775-01Y and can be ordered from any Harley-Davidson and Buell Dealership. It is around $200 MSRP.

Buell Blast


I really enjoyed your site and report on your Blast. I'm 67 years old and have been riding motorcycles, off and on, since 1953. My last bike was a '73 Honda CB350. My first was a '41 Harley 45, which I paid $50 for! There were many different brands in the middle, of which I enjoyed the Beemers best. I've had a little of everything, but like the classic style of motorcycles. However, I an intrigued with the Blast and read your article with interest.

With gas prices approaching $4.00 a gallon, the kind of mileage you've reported is very appealing!

In your opinion, do you think someone who has always ridden the "classic" style of bikes, would be comfortable on a bike of the Blast's style? Just looking at riders leaning over on their bikes, gives me a "crick" in my neck!

If you can take time to give me any advice, or observations of you experience with your Blast, I'd appreciate it.

Thanx, D.R. Hutchinson
Lake Wales, FL

D.R.'s question

I've had a Blast for a year or so. It's a fun little bike. I don't ride it alot. I don't travel light very well so I usually drive my car. The Blast has a more conventional upright riding stance, not the lay down crotch rocket stance. I think you would be perfectly comfortable on it. You'll be really comfortable with the fuel economy. They're also cheap to insure. So Blast away!


Claude (not verified)
Buell Blast

The Blast is not a "serious" motorcycle for posing on. It's an entry level lightweight, so it's still built for real use, not to fulfill some fantasy. It offers good performance and good comfort.
A 500cc single should be more than big enough for long range touring, but it's still small and agile enough for urban commuting. I think the Blast is probably the best American bike made today.

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Do you also have an

Do you also have an insurance for your bike? I'm interested to know what's the amount you pay for motorcycle insurance? This will gives us further information like how safe the bike is considered, how affordable is it to maintain and more. Thanks, it's a nice bike!

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