2001 Harley Davidson Roadking Classic

owner's life: I am, (Jose Esquilin) the owner of this bike and I live in Pensacola, Fl bike info: Currently the bike is nearing it's 1000 mile breakin period. The bike was bought new through Military Car Sales in Icland. I bought the bike and had it sent from the factory to Pensacola Harley Davidson. I enojoy riding the bike although I hate leaving the bike out in the 80-90 degree Florida Heat, while I am inside in the AC. I appreciate the styling and comfort of the RoadKing Classic. I am in the works for customizing the bike to give it the Nostolgic feel and look. owner mods: Presently pricing and selecting some modifications to the bike such as:Stage 1 Kit from Screaming Eagle, Hooker exhaust pipes, a Corbin solo saddle and Vrail,Iron Braids, and plenty of more chrome. Jose Esquilin


please keep the factory pipes - loud is bad

for several reasons...:

1) if it were a safety feature, the noise should come out the front to warn people ahead. NO study ever done has shown that increasing the noise level of a motorcycle has any reduction in accident rates for riders.

2) a properly tuned engine, with proper mufflers, is both quiet and powerful. Switch mufflers (make it more noisy) and you're losing power as the system is detuned.

3) loud motorcycles are in the minority, but are what most people think of (and cringe about). When there's a noise ordinance up for a vote, or a new law to ban motorcycles from certain areas, or even a whole city, noise is what they'll remember. Loud bikes lose rights.