2001 Honda Shadow Sabre

other bikes: My wife rides a 2000 Buell Blast owner's life: I own the 2001 Shadow Sabre. I'm 29 years old, I live in Decatur, GA bike info: I have put over 1,800 miles on my bike since I bought it new in April of 2001. Since then I have ridden it every day. It is my primary mode of transportation. I ride it to work every day, rain or shine and I ride year around. owner mods: The only thing I've done to this bike is to add a small tool bag. costs: I paid to have the 600 mile maintenance done to the bike. Aside from that the only costs have been to add gas to the bike. Before I bought my Sabre I had a Honda Shadow VLX. Before I started riding to work I had a full size Dodge P/U that was a real gas guzzler. I was spending well over $100 a month on gas. Now i spend about $20 a month. I now have a little Toyota pickup that I drive very rarely. In all I've been riding a motorcycle to work for almost 2 years now and I have saved a lot of money on gas, and I've been having a blast riding every day. personal info: I live in Decatur, GA. I'm a web programmer at Georgia Tech and I ride about 12 miles each way to work. When I'm not at work or riding my sabre I like to kayak and hike. Sean Porter