2001 Kawasaki Nomad FI

I ride to work on a daily basis for most of the year. The temperature in St. Louis can range from below zero to over 100. In the winter I wear a variety of layers, adjusting for the temperature. I always carry a rainsuit, a leather jacket, and a pair of gloves, even in hot weather, just in case there's a change. I ride a touring bike, which is an advantage because the large, locking, waterproof saddlebags can carry a briefcase or laptop, and there's room for groceries if I stop at the store on the way home. I generally get around 40 mpg, which is almost 10 more than with my car. Riding the bike to work is an extra half hour of pleasure I wouldn't otherwise have, and riding home from work on the bike is something I can look forward to during the day. Sometimes I'll use my lunch hour to go for a quick ride and clear my head. I won't ride the bike if it's already pouring rain when I start out in the morning, and I won't ride on ice or snow, but that leaves a good part of the year available. I generally put about 14,000 miles a year on my bike, and a lot less on my car. Kevin Polito