2001 Suzuki Hayabusa

other bikes: 1977 BMW R100/7 (sport-touring, commuting)1975 Honda CB360T (occasional commuting)1973 Yamaha RD350A (restoration project) owner's life: I own it ;-). Age: 32 (12 years of riding experience) City: near Pittsburgh State: PA bike info: Mileage: 6700 and counting (not bad for two months, eh?) I am the original owner. I commute five days per week,rain or shine, between 37 and 48 miles each way, dependingupon the time of day (the longer route is the twisty, funroute). Most appreciated features: torque, torque, and torque. Smoothpower delivery at owner mods: Cigarette lighter adaptor to power my Valentine One. I had a Widder harness, but one of the wire pulled out of the plug (common problem with Widder connectors)and will have to be repaired. When/if Hepco & Becker comes out with a luggage rack for thisbike, I'll add hard bags. If H&B doesn't come out with that, thenI'll fall back to Givi. costs: The biggest expense (as withany motorcycle) is tires. I woreout the stock BT56 rear in 5400 miles,and the replacement BT020 was $140 withshipping.I do most of my own maintenance (except forwarranty work), so my expenses will not berepresentative of the typical owner.Oil and filter change: $16 (I'm still using dino juice at this stage).Valve clearance check: $5 per shim.Tires: $120 for a front, $140 for a rearSpark plugs: $12, mail order (probably less)Gas: 43-47mpg. I run 89 octane @ $1.44 per gallon, althoughI could probably get away with 87 octane were I not chicken totry it. Maybe in the winter, when the risk of heat-induced pingingis reduced. personal info: Hometown: West Newton, PA (although I no longer live there) Occupation: Software engineer Hobbies: riding motorcycles, wrenching, computers, music, guns Favorite books: anything by P.J. O'Rourke, _Into Thin Air_, _Against the Wind_ (about the '95 Iron Butt) Favorite movies: _The Matrix_, _The Dark Crystal_ Favorite foods: pizza, pizza, and pizza, in that order. If I won a million dollars, I'd pay off all of my consumer debt and invest the rest formy family's future (retirement, kids' education, etc.). Chris BeHanna


flat spots in hayabusa

hi i have a 1999 Suzuki hayabusa and between 1-4 thousand revs there is like a flat spot in it!!! and i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there with the same problem or if anyone had a cure for it. if so could you email me on (kevin_kay2@hotmail.com) thanks

Hayabusa Rules

Hey, I too have a 2001 Busa. All stock because its perfection as is. I have a cycle club with all Busa's except for the founding Prez, but we're gonna have to change that. I have 35, 000 miles on it and I went down on it last August thanks to a coyote running across the road. I'm back on it though with some war wounds attached.
I'm living in Southern California and I'm the Vice President of a club called 2Down Ryders. We all love our Busa's out here and we are all very competitve. When we ride together, we have been known to shave off some awesome times on riding trips due to the speeds we do on these beast. 2 1/2 hours from California to Las Vegas!!. Can you say "Warp Speed Now Scotty".
Live life to it's fullest and keep those two wheels burning!!
"KJ" aka Falcon Ryder
2Down Ryders


have you had to do a valve adjustment yet? I have over 35000 on my bike and think it may be due for its first. sj157@yahoo.com