2001 Suzuki SV650S

other bikes: I also have my first bike, a blue '86 Honda Nighthawk 450. I use it as a project bike as I'm teaching myself mechanics. owner's life: I'm a 24 year old female living in Sunnyvale, CA. I ride the SVS to work every day (~10 miles each way), as well as do some all-day rides on weekends and some multi-day touring when I can find the time. :) bike info: The SVS has 4100 miles. It was bought brand-new with 2 miles on it in February. I hope to put a lot more miles on it this summer! I love the SVS since it's easy to handle and owner mods: None yet. I'm going to be swapping the stock seat for a gel seat (partially for comfort; partially to gain an extra inch, since I'm 5'0 costs: The expenses are very low for me, since I do all of my own maintenance. It's ridiculously fun and easy to work on this bike. Gas costs are low, as I get 45 miles per gallon on average. The most I've spent on bike-related things was about $200 to get TourMaster cortech saddlebags and a tailbag for touring. I love these bags, though the saddlebag strap does hang over the pillion seat onto the main seat a little (since I'm small, though, I sit up close to the tank and never even notice). personal info: Heh. Let's see, I'm a software engineer in Silicon Valley, though that's just sort of what I do to get money in order to pay for more bike stuff (is my boss reading this?). ;) I'm short. I have blue hair and consider cut-off camo cargo pants and combat boots to be the height of fashion. I have two cats which utterly rule over my household with iron thumbs (claws?). I have more framed pictures of my bike up around my desk at work than I do of my boyfriend. I don't think he minds, though. He rides a Honda VFR, and going on rides together is one of our favorite carolyn boyce