2001 Valkyrie Interstate

other bikes: This is the only bike I currently own. I had a Kawasaki Voyager previously which I rode to work at every opportunity. bike info: Current mileage is 6,000. I bought it new in December and have a commute of 39 miles each way in to downtown New Orleans over the Ponchatrain Causeway (the longest bridge in the world at 24 miles). The riding in the city is the tough part because or road conditions, traffic and the lack of good driver education in this state. New Orleans has one of the highest auto insurance rates in the country (that tells you something). Additionally, the parking lots near my office are very unfriendly to motorcycles! The power and smoothness of the Valkyrie's engine, along with the big gas tank, make it a great road bike! Although it is a bit cumbersome at low speeds it still is solid, confident and comfortable in city traffic. I've had to make some pretty fast lane changes as avoidance manuevers and the bike does this very well. It is hard to fault this bike and I have modified a few things to correct faults. owner mods: Added Taller and wider Tulsa windshield, trigger wheel, 6 disc CD changer, Utopia backrest, Kuraykyn highway pegs and grips, Hondaline driving lights, PIAA superwhite headlight bulbs, Tailblazer, Rivco center stand, TireFlys tire valve lights, a long LED brake light under the trunk, saddlebag racks, and a number of dress up chrome pieces. The lights are for visibility to other drivers and I plan to add another set of driving lights under the triple tree and an add-on to the rear turn signals that turns them in to red running lights and auxillary brake lights. Have also order chrome truck stack exhausts from Mark Tobin at Horse Apple. costs: The bike cost $16,000 and I have added about $4,000 in mods to it. I get about 32 MPG. I change the oil myself (Honda synthetic blend) but have the dealer do the warranty checks. I have done 90% of the modifications myself (dealer put in Trigger Wheel and Hondaline driving lights). I have owned Kawasakis and Suzukis in the past (total of 7 bikes) and drove a Victory for a couple of months. I have briefly ridden several Harleys and a couple of Road Stars. The Valkyrie is far and away the best bike I have ever ridden or owned. There has only been one problem (right turn signal died at 600 miles) and the dealer took care of it quickly. Even though I have made numerous modifications I could have been very happy with it in stock condition. The icing on the cake is that there are so many pieces available for it and I have been a kid in a candy store. This bike will be with me for a while and we are currently shopping Hondas for my wife. personal info: I grew up in the Midwest but have lived in Panama (the country), St. Louis and Philadelphia before ending up here in The Big Easy. I am the Director of Programming and Operations Manager for 3 radio stations here and have been in the radio bix for over 30 years. Besides the bike, my other expensive hobbies are computers and digital photography. My wife dreads opening the credit card statements each month! She does enjoy the scoot, though, and we have taken several long distance trips two-up. I have two kids age 2 and 7. Jim Owen