2002 Honda Shadow ACE 750

After years of riding "backseat", I gave myself the gift of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's beginning riders course for my 45th birthday. Not only was I the oldest newbie in the class, I was also the least confident, and therefore the worst, rider they had probably ever had! Fast forward to one year later, and this is me spending a weekend riding "twisties", including highway 89A near Jerome, AZ - 158 curves and 17(?) switchbacks in 12 miles of gorgeous mountain road. Living in sunny southern Arizona, I ride everyday to work (50 miles a day) plus on the weekends, just for fun..... I ride! I don't park my bikes unless the temperature gets below 38 degrees at night because we normally warm up into the mid-40s or better during the day in the winter. My other bike is a 1986 Yamaha Virago 700, and I'm still looking for my first harley. Bonus: on highway trips, I've gotten 65 mpg from both bikes, and in town I get 50 mpg or better. Cindi


You go Girl.......

you doing the thing, and aint nothing to it but to do it.

Good For You!!!!

I myself am in the same position as yourself. My son has grown up and i decided i would treat myself. I am in the begining stags. I will be taking my classes soon and hopefully be on the road sometime in the future. Thanks for giving me a little me confidence to move forward with my new adventure!! I am 44 years old and hopfully can do as well as you!!!

another woman on wheels - yippee!!

Front seat is so much more fun, isn't it? Good for you, esp. for taking a safety course to begin your riding career.

As for finding your next bike, look for a BMW R65, R80, or even the new F-bike (I think it's an 800cc). BMWs are quiet, dependable, and well-designed. In our stable we have a 1986 R65, a 1982 R100 w/ a sidecar, a 1995 R100, and a 2003 R1150... all BMWs. The 1150 has ABS, something Harley won't put on their retail bikes.

RIght On another Women has taken and passed a Riders Class

I'm 49 and have ridin on the back of a Harley for the past three years and was ready to have control of my own destination. Took the class June 1st of this year and have already been on two road trips (In Alaska, I'm a resident) I'm riding my boyfriends Harley Fatboy 2001 and what a kick it has been, Who says you have to buy/ride a Harley. Nice Honda you have. Spring will tell what I end up buying:) Enjoy the ride and be safe.

Love that red & black!

I've just turned 54 and have been riding behind, on a street bike, for many years. My husband bought me a 750 ace a month or so ago and I love it. I've put 700 miles on it already and I haven't left our No. Georgia mtns. It helps me relax and chill out. I plan on taking the class to get my permanent license very soon.
Your bike is gorgeous!

you go lady

Way to go. As a man, motorcycle isn't just for men. I been riding bike most of my life.And I'am 59. Hope to see more women riding bikes . No matter their age. And bike dont need to be harly. All bikes are fun.

Jim from New Haven In.

you look graet on that bike,

you look graet on that bike, i have the same one

Right ON!

I just bought the same bike only a 2003. Same colors. I absolutely love it. That stretch from Prescott to Jerome and then on down is a real doozy in a car, I bet it's amazing on a bike!

Keep Doing what you're doin

I also have a 750 ACE and low it. I took it to another level and inreased the front wheel size so that I could put white wall tires on her. She looks beautiful and amazingly classy.

Keep on riding!

I'm male, 54 and I own the same bike, same color too. Its a great machine, reliable, big enough to cruise and small enough to make it easy to handle around commuting traffic in Los Angeles, and I personally love how she looks too! I had mine for 3 years now and people still ask me if the bike is brand new. Love seeing more women riders, and you definitely look good on your ride! I wish you many years of safe riding from the neighboring State of California.

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hello you are looking cool

hello you are looking cool on this bike .i have a same bike.i like to read youre post. thanks for post. my best regards for you.....

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I saw some hondas at a

I saw some hondas at a philadelphia chevrolet dealer they had on trade in i came so close to getting one but couldnt make the impulse buy.