2003 Honda CBX 250 Twister

Bought the bike 2 years ago at around 1250 miles and made some 30000 miles on it since.

Its my every day to everywhere bike. Commuting to work is a round trip of 45 miles crossing continents on daily basis (I live on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey and work on the Asian side).

Mileage is best in city use around 70 mpg as this is a humble(!) DOHC 4 valve single 250cc naked bike. Spare parts are a bit pricey and I was not shy about finding the limits of both bike and rider so I paid quite a bit for repairs.

That said, it NEVER left me stranded anywhere, I always was able to make it home or to the service.

Its the second bike of mine and I own it :)

Im a 32 year old support engineer in a major TelCom Vendor for a living.

Picture is from a trip me and my lovely girlfriend Elhan made on the twister (we all love twisty narrow roads) covering around 1000 miles in 4 days :D

Deniz UZUN


Like the Bike

Really nice ride!!! Looks like fun.


Nice Bike.

Nice Ride.

Deniz Oztan
2000 r100r

Don't worry about pricey

Don't worry about pricey parts (mechanical ones anyway) after all it is a Honda. You won't need much over the years.