Here's my (above 40deg) daily rider here in NW Indiana. It's a 2005 FLSTNI with 19,000 on the clock since I got it new. Ride on!


mine's nearly the same

saw your link on adamecs harley-davidson email i got. i too have a 2005 flstni with about 23k on it. it was about a year and a half old when i got it. i traded a '65 olds 442 cvt. for it. as a matter of fact, i rode it up to indy & back last summer from north florida. i now live between lake city and live oak, fl. but i'm from indianapolis (broad ripple h.s. class of '67-or 2 years behind dave letterman. ypu can reach me at arzets@windstream.net. i would show you a picture of my deluxe, but i'm so low-tech that i can't figure out how to pull up and send the pictures. i do have them on my computer.