2005 Kawi ZR750 S

Chilly January morning 2006,
I just recieved a new jacket for christmas and could'nt wait to get out for a ride. I bought the bike 08-24-05, sice then I put 12,000+ on it.as of 06-10-07. I commute 44 miles round trip for most of the year. Gets a little tough in the winter here in CT, even though I have gotten a few days in here and there. For me though every day is a ride to work day, since this pic was shot , I'v added a Nelson Riggs tial bag , for lunch box and some extra cloths. The Z750 S is my first bike, great bike nothing realy to complain about. Well with 2 years riding in , I'm ready to move up to a bigger engine . But for now I'm still having fun and enjoying my ride to work and back every day.

tkx, Armando