2007 Suzuki V-Strom 1000

This is my daily commute. I have since added hard side bags and still use a soft tailbag from my old bike.

I started commuting last year after riding a little bit in the previous 5 years off-road.

This bike gets mid 40's around town and mid 50's on the highway.

I live in Hermantown, MN and work in Duluth, MN. My daily commute is about 26 miles round trip. Way more fun then my truck.

Stay safe out there.

Jerry Eldred
Hermantown, MN


you look great on it! the

you look great on it! the suzuki fits you good. very nice bike not to offend but you must get some suprises say when a bunch of teens are around your bike and you walk out and hop on it!


how many miles do u get on this bike per gallon?

i want to get an idea, this is the only thing i want to know before I buy it, or else should i get a 650? where i live gasoline is very expensive