2008 Pac Blue Road King Classic w/ SE Heavy Breather

Everyday I ride my 2008 Pacific Blue Road King Classic w/ SE Heavy Breather to work I find it harder and harder to make the last turn off the highway towards work. I just want to ride and ride and ride. Its a nice 26 mile one way trip from home to work on nice low traffic U.P. backroads, but most days it doesn't seem long enough. Many nights I find myself back on the bike eating up the road. To feed my bikes hunger for the road I have to find reasons on the weekend to allow it to graze longer. This past weekend I took her up to the Pow Wow in Red Cliff, Wisconsin by the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. It was a good excuse to enjoy the culture, weather and a walleye dinner. Its trips like this 420 mile day trip that makes it easier during the week to turn off the highway and get to work, because I know a weekend is coming.