850 Commando 1974

other bikes: Suzuki TL 1000S 1997I ride most every day and for trips to town and local rides I always take the Norton. While I have put more miles on the Suzuki this summer (Suz 4000 v Norton 1800) but I love kick starting the old Norton and if it were not for a big road trip on the Suzuki I would have more miles on the Norton. Go ride!! owner's life: 36 year old Snowboard Coach and timing guy from Telluride Colorado bike info: 15,600 miles. Bought last fall from a guy who could not start it any longer (hip replacement). Ride to town (CO Hwy 145) at least 6 times per week for a 15 mile round trip. I love the way it feels and sounds and how just about everyone smiles when they see me ride by. I like the comfortable seating position, plush passenger accomodations, simple technology and timeless styling make this my bike of choice. The dislikes are tolorabe and include the cycles propensity to throw oil just about eveywhere but thats not so bad because shining her up is a pleasure. owner mods: Fairly new to me but there is an aftermarket ignition and late model alternator and charging components. I can run the light all the time no problem. Take that Lucas. Also replaced the twin Amals with a single Mikuni that runs great up here (my house is at 9200'). Looking to upgrade suspension and wheel/tyres soon. costs: Costs are comprable with my newer bike and is far more gentle on tires. Maintanence can be handled at home and parts are relatively cheap and redily available. I love my Commando personal info: I gave at work. John Jett


Something classy

Now there's something you don't see every day. Nice to hear that someone has one that they actually ride. Way to go John. That was one luck find and a fine ride too. Cactus Jack

Norton Commando

Very nice bike, I've never actually seen one just like yours, I bet it is fun to ride.