89 Honda Pacific Coast -"1trikPC"

other bikes: I also have a '68 Honda CT90 that I restored. It's a blast to ride. Folks always say "I remember those! Man, that takes me back" owner's life: I'm the 3rd owner and have had it for almost a year. It only had 23K on the clock. The 2nd owner only put 500 on it. I average 1K miles per month. I've always wanted an '89 PC and waited for the right one. bike info: I ride every chance I get! It is my daily commuter. Day or night, rain or shine. It is very smooth and gets 48/52 MPG City/Hwy. Plenty of space to haul groceries, rain gear and my wife! owner mods: Custom dual exhaust, dual headlights, "Ghost" flames body graphics, and the chopped (-5") windshield are cool additions. I have turquoise neon underlighting and converted rear turn signals to dual filament so they have a running light and a custom emergency flasher circuit. You can check it all out on my home page: http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-1trikPC BobbyV


custom dual exhaust

Are you willing to say a little more about your exhaust system? Lots of PC owners are interested in this conversion. Thanks.

question on the exhaust

I would like to know where I can get an exhaust system for my PC800? Thanks in advance.

exhaust pc 8oo

Available from Davidsilverspares.co.uk

Nice PC!

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joachim hoppe (not verified)
im very intersting to this

im very intersting to this exhaust dual system for a pc 800.
Please give me more information
mfg joachim