'97 Honda Pacific Coast (PC800)

I ride to work year round in temps from single to triple digits. This bike has terrific weather coverage, durability, and few problems, with many going over 100,000 miles. Water-tight trunk under the back seat is what makes this bike unique. To many, it's the "Baby Goldwing". Some consider it ugly, but there is a core group of owners that absolutely love it! There's a website for us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ipcrc In addition to the heated grips, modifications include headlight modulator, flashing brake light, battery monitor, and wiring for use of tankbag CD player. Also have two windshields; a tall one for Fall/Winter/Spring and shorty for Summer. There were only about 12,000 US version PC800's made, with their color being the most noticable differences between the manufactured years ('89-'90 & '94-'98). Interesting that there are quite a few pictured on this website. :^) Cameron


Best tires

Has anyone found a better tire than the Dunlop K555 for the Honda PC800?

I wanted a PC 800...

I bought a Concours, since I couldn't find a used PC800! Both are great everyday bikes. When I lived in Baltimore, MD. there was this guy who rode a PC 800 year around! Even in the winter, after street plows cleared the streets!! I wonder what happened to him...


I ride almost every day- my temp. range from 25 to 105. Anything outside of that, I opt for more coverage. I will ride my PC until it won't go anymore. It may outlive me which is okay, because I sure don't want to be without her.