'98 Kawi Concours

I ride a '98 Kawi Concours. Its pretty much stock with the exception of GenMar risers and a Rifle windsystem. Its a pretty good everyday rider cause of its reliability. It is big so it can be seen in traffic and it has enough power to scoot through traffic holes when necessary. And it also has the adaptability if I need to go on a long or short trip. Its not everyones idea of a great bike but thats what makes motorcycling so great, there is a bike for every persons desires. Cal Broussard


Great all around bike!

I need to get some Gen Mars for mine though!! My 2000's bright red color, is a help in trafic also!! I like the acceleration also, just twist the throttle and hold on tight!

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I've got the same bike ('97

I've got the same bike ('97 dark metallic green) and also put the GenMar risers on when I first got it. It makes for a much more comfortable ride.

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I have a 1998

I lowered mine so it feels much more stable at the light and in the turns. I have 52,000 miles on it. Ready for another 50,000.