99 Triumph Sprint ST

I ride to work whenever possible, especially now with the gas prices the way they are. My mods include Piaa bulbs, Double Bubble wind screen, ThrottleMeister cruise control, K-N filter, custom tune for the ECU, a little custom paint on the body and rims, Triumph off-road can, custom seat cover, RaceTech fork kit, Ohlins shock, various decals and other odds and ends. I bought the Sprint in July of 1999 and just turned over 80,000 miles. I do all my own maintainence and repairs and tune-ups. For me and my riding habits, the Sprint is the perfect all-around bike. Jim.


1999 Sprint ST

I just purchased a '99 Sprint ST 955 and I am very happy with it. However, it has trouble starting in the morning and even after it is warmed up. I almost always have to hit the start button two to four times to get it to start. The engine turns over and twisting the throttle does not help (except for when it is cold, a twist of the throttle is necessary to keep it running until it is warm). It has almost 38k miles. Is there a filter in the fuel line that may need to be replaced? Where would I look?


Eric (not verified)
99 Sprint ST

Nice looking machine! I too have a '99 and its a super commuter machine. Zero mechanical issues. Unfortunately, I'm at only 20k miles and my seat is showing some wear and tear. Where did you get your replacement seat cover?

Also, is your underbelly cowling custom painted or aftermarket?


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My favorite bike..I am

My favorite bike..I am having the black one..Still working with no major problems..It is great bike Stable, neutral and relaxed on any road..I am enjoying my ride on triumph and never think of selling it..