99 Valkyrie IS, 01 GL1800

owner's life: Paul Groff bike info: Put +20K miles on the Valkyrie in last 15 mos. and +5K on the GL1800 in last 3 mos. Commute to work up and down Rt3 in MA and NH on most days (including winter.) Love the handling of the GL1800 and the looks of the Valk. Many weeked trips with my wife riding double up. We're very attached to both bikes! ;-) owner mods: Added Corbin seat to the Valk. costs: Pay for the regularly scheduled maintenance. Do more frequent oil changes myself (about every 3K). More expensive than I expected (getting back into riding after a 24yr hiatus) but it is worth it. Love the low center of gravity on both of these bikes. (One of the main selling features for me. The other is the F6 engine design.) personal info: Avid photographer. Love travel and also thinking about human nature and development. (Have Masters in Critical and Creative Thinking.) For full time work I manage multiple support groups (Networks and Security) at a large international ISP. Paul Groff