Boanerges (Mark 3:17)

This is my 2007 V-Star 650 Classic. I started riding in May 2007 and have had the joy of riding everyday that God didn't water the earth. I'm now prepared to ride in the rain. I have a short commute so weathered 16 degrees here in Central Pennsylvania. Hopefully if all goes according to plan there is a Stratoliner in my near future.

"Live for CHRIST...ride because HE allows it"
Ron Spain (2008)


steve (not verified)
amen, brother! nothing beats

amen, brother!
nothing beats the Lord's air conditioning on the open road. I have a vulcan 900 LT and ride everyday to the high school I coach girls basketball at. talk about therapeutic?!
(I am also our FCA huddle leader). Hope to pass you on the highway some day. if I don't see you here -- I will see you "up there" some day. stay safe!
"Live your life so that those who know you, but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you."

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I too have rearranged my

I too have rearranged my mode of transportation to work. I have found an Aerosuit is water resistant and can be slipped on over a suit. It's really nice to wear on those days God decides to water. Nice article, thanks.

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