Dad and Little One

Candra and her dad love to ride together! He's already at work since he's a full time dad :)


candra and her dad

i ride every day but the thought of my young child on there scares the hell out of me

Safety Gear , 2 thumbs up!!

I like that both Daughter and Dad are wearing Fullface helmets gloves and jackets! I however will not ride anyone who's feet don't reach the footpegs, but then I ride a sport tourer (2000 Kawasaki Concours).


gave a 10 yr old nephew his first clutch bike lesson this weekend, me on the pillion but in control. full size cruiser. he had 2 yrs experience on an auto. he is now the tallest 10 yr old anywhere and can reach any pegs

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I couldn't wait till my 7 year old granddaughter could reach the peg's. Now it's off to breakfast every Sunday or I'm on her S**t list till the next ride. LOL