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No other bikes...YET I own this bike, well in about another year....it'll be paid for! Livin' in Houston Texas I'm 44 and ready for more I am only the second owner of this bike and plan to be the last. I commute about 53 miles each way with half of my trip on HOV lane. Like my own private highway. Have to do a little tricky navigation through the downtown interchange but it makes for more fun. I love everything about this bike! Corbin seats (just got them) Cee Baileys windscreen +3in (I'm 6'3"). StarCom1 bike communications system, music, cell phone radio(FRS) also sell the StarCom as a dealer. I bought in 2000 (new millennium and my 40th birthday) about 38-40mpg hwy. tires are expensive though, always looking for the best deal, wish discount tire sold motorcycle tires. I love this bike and I love to ride. check out my personal web site www.ride2ride.com Ride Safe! Grew up in Center Point Texas, Network Engineer, I also have my commercial pilot license and love to fly, but haven't lately. Riding my BMW has been a good substitute for flying though, you get the same 'bank and turn' feeling going down a twisty road. I like my BBQ wings and Mexican food. If I won a million I'd buy a couple more beemers, an RV and Trailer to haul them all and tour the US and World till the money ran out! Dave Worley


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Nice bike, Dave. I've got

Nice bike, Dave. I've got an '03 RT and consider it my "retirement bike." I've got three more years at work, and then I plan on doing some serious traveling on the bike. I'm too busy at work to get many road trips in, but I have ridden up to Nova Scotia from western NY, and another trip out to the end of the Gaspe in Quebec.


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Thanks Harry

that's quite a ride wish I could do that! the picture of me here, I am getting ready to attempt a 1500 mi Iron Butt ride, my brother has a '77 R90S. His battery went south the first night so we blew off the trip and just tooled around the Texas Hill Country.