Ducati M900Sie/2000

other bikes: My other bike is a 1975 BMW R60/6. I like to refer to it as my cruiser. owner's life: I'm 32 live and work in Houston Tx bike info: 7400 miles, 8 mile commute to work, great bike for commuting, sporting & touring, not much room for storage or tools. owner mods: I've added a steering damper & clip-on handle bars for better control. I have also replaced the stock mirrors for a more streamline look. And added an interface between the kill switch and sidestand so that you can start the bike while in neutral with the sidestand down. costs: This is my third bike since I started riding in Feb 2000. I can't compare it to my BMW which I still own because they are two different animals. However the performance and handling of the Monster have truly impressed me and have me hooked. Cost of the bike was minial compared to some. personal info: I work as a designer for an architectural firm. I take my skirt and shoes to work in my tank bag and change when I get there. The picture attached shows me with a set of drawings strapped to my tank bag and another set in a tube strapped across my back. Good thing about riding a bike to work, you don't have to pay for parking. Laura Fuentes