Harley-Davidson / FL / 1949

This bike was originally chopped by a friend of mine in the early 1970s. He rode it for about 10 years and put it in his basement in 1982. In 2003 I bought it from him and began restoring it to it's early 1970's condition. It's my everyday ride to work (don't own a car). Very dependable but does require a lot of preventive maintenance. Mods: Engine: Dual Spark Plugs 8.5 : 1 compression Electronic Ignition Outside oiler lines for heads Ported intake and exhaust ports Oversized intake valves Balanced flywheels Chassis: 1953 Harely-Davidson wishbone frame Chopped 3/4" at the neck All welds molded Molded Neck 2.2 gallon gas tank (fill up every other day) 1949 Hydraglide triple trees - shaved 1949 Hydraglide fork lowers - shaved 10" overstock fork tubes Seats - custom leather Rear suspension - rigid Brakes - mechanical drum front & rear Craig Spalding


Nice Custom

Keep up the good work!

nice Pan

nice to see another old bike. I commute every day on my 81 superglide - lots of mods to improve performance and reliability. elet ign, suspension, ergos....