Harley Davidson, Sportster 1200 Roadster, 2006

Ride to work 20 miles each way, 3-4 days a week and of coarse on weekends. I've had the bike for 7 months and already 4600 miles. I did some fork work by changing to Race-Tech springs and Gold-Valve Emulators. Really stiffened up the sloppy front end and doesn't sag excessively anymore. I also installed Crossroads Performance clip-ons, for quicker steering and cafe looks, also makes splitting lanes much easier. Clip-ons are more comfortable for me as well because I have long arms. With these mods it really transformed the way the bike handles and preforms. I'm getting new shocks (longer) to give more ground clearance, improve handling, and give it even more of a cafe look. Considering getting/making rear-sets as well. Thanks for checking out my ride. Carl


Nice Cafe, Carl

I love the cafe look and ride a cafe'd-out Triumph Bonneville. I've thought about how a sportster would look, but have never seen one. Good job,

Very nice

From this angle I can't see a whole lot but what I do see is a very nicely done cafe/sportster. If you haven't already done so check out the gang at xlforum.net they have a whole Cafe section.


All I see is a stock Sportster with clip-ons?!!! I'd really like to see a sportster cafe racer, try a different saddle, different pipes, cleaning up the extranious stuff like the mirrors, and the blinkers, and the big ugly instrument cluster.............. come-on. Are you guys so blind that you can't see this is a $50 modification to a completely stock bike?

Carl's 1200 cafe sportster

Carl, it looks like a work in progress, and you are on th right track. You just don't see guys building sportsters into what they were actually famous for- cafe racers. I believe there are even cafe farings available for a spotster. Drop the bitch seat, go with a solo. I suggest a cafe faring, and tank side knee pads to complete the look. A total must have on the 04-06 sporty is a stage 1 jet kit. It cures it's notorious cold running blues, as well as it's lean runnin blues. It also will help cool combustion temps, slightly quieting notoriously noisey valve trains. A nice final touch would be dropping the front fender. research classic cafe bikes, sportsters dominated the cafe scene in the late 50's and 60's. Be sure your bike is a fitting tribute to it's cafe racer past, yet hold it's modern styling accents. Make her look like a 2006 cafe racer- one that an old school cafe rider can recognize, and a new generation rider will recognize as a modern blast from the past. Looks good, bud.

nice. I don't care what the troll says

So what if the troll thinks it's a stock sportster with clip-ons. Any way you look at it, it looks great with clip-ons. It should be done more often.


What modifications (all) have you made to this bike??? It looks awesome. Any more pics from the side around back etc.. Pleas email me @ Soybeandave@yahoo.com

Carl Kriesant (not verified)

Wow, I had no idea this actually had comments. Sorry for not responding to you guys.

Well that sportster ended up going through a lot of changes as I planned. Unfortunately, it never performed as well as it should have with those mods. I always had a wobble on high speed corners, to the point that it would almost spit me off. I gave up on the bike and sold it to my dad, who rides much more conservatively than I do. It was fun and frustrating to build, but not terribly fun to enjoy for how much $$$$ and time I spent on it. I know own a 2006 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000.

Here is a link to a mini-site I made for that bike. It shows the finished project before I gave it up and all the mods I had done to it.


Never went to the solo seat like I wanted because I still wanted to carry my girlfriend around and stuff. Also left all the signals because officers are sticklers for that stuff in southern california.

The good news is... I'm getting another '93 sportster 883 that is going to get cafe'd in a major way. I'm going full tilt with this one and giving it the works. I will probably be adding that one to the mini-site as progress is made. Thanks for the interest in my ride.