Hmm Where's the coffee maker - 2000 R1100RT-P BMW

My replacement for the sport bike I was ridding until it blew its engine. This thing has a gazillion buttons and lights and they do really strange things on the "Police" 2000 R1100RT-P Bike. The blue lenses were removed and where legal replaced with white/amber, and red for enhanced brake lights.
The bike has many pluses: 55 miles to the gallon, great handling, heated grips - yea right need them in the tropics. The really interesting thing is this bike parts traffic like Moses parted the red sea; that is until I pass them and they do a double take. The bike insurance went down on this bike compared to the 1100cc sport bike I was riding.
The minus and is a moot one is the bike has almost half the horse power the previous bike has; but it still goes fast enough


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Still there is room for greater development and I would recommend more emphasis on research and of course it will bring a better situation. Thanks for sharing a nice read. Cheers
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That's interesting portfolio

That's interesting portfolio and I am always looking for this kind of stuff. I hope you will be adding more in future. Thanks for sharing
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BMW police bike

This bike corners better than any of the other 4 bikes I've owned. The suspension is special, with almost no dive on braking, solid feeling in the corners, and not much effort required to initiate a turn. It leans more for the same radius turn, but it takes less push on the handlebar to get it to come around. granite