Honda Goldwing, Interstate 1984

I live in Seattle, so I don't ride to work on a daily basis, but as long as the sky isn't dumping rain, and there is no ice on the road, you'll find me making my 40 mile round-trip commute on my wing. Nicknamed Lay-Z, after the recliner, I have personalized this bike as I do to all of my rides. Lay-Z sports: Heated Grips Wiring upgrades Voltmeter / Cylinder head temp gauge (For watching temps in stop-and-go) Upgraded stereo. (Stock head unit, Audiobahn coaxial speakers, and a Planet Audio VX602 amplifier in the left saddle bag) Back Rest Since acquiring Lay-Z, I have rebuilt the front forks, replaced the clutch, timing belts, and a few other items. Basically if it can wear out, it's been replaced. While she's an older bike (22 years old) and she has over 60,000 miles on the clock, she still fires right up, even on the coldest mornings. She also has enough power to run at 100MPH + speeds for extended periods of time. (Not like I get to do that on my commute.) Phil Sanderson


Bruce Shearman (not verified)
84 wing

I got mine in Feb have only had to put a battery and tires ride almost everyday