Honda Pacific Coast, 1994 and 1989

I have been commuting to work by motorcycle every day since mid 1993. Initially, my commute was 23.5 miles each way but since 1995 it has been 47.5 miles each way. I ride year round, rain or shine, cold (down as far as 20 degrees F) or hot (as high as 105 degrees F). Leland C. Sheppard


1989 PC 800 ...

The kbb website has the RETAIL value of the PC 800 (1989) currently at just over $2900. It seems most people are offering a NON-showroom ready PC for far more than that. Is there a reason?

Lou Tancredi

I believe PC 800 owners just hate to get rid of their rides!?!

You don't see used ones for sale very often or for very long...

1989 Honda PC800

We just purchased our 1st PC800. My husband is really excited about this. We have been on a 1978 GoldWing for years and it has served us well. We have high hopes the PC800 will take us on many enjoyable adventures. Any comments you can give me would be appreciated at Thanks

Seth Hammond (not verified)
1989 PC800

I'll sell my white pearlescent PC for a fair price. It needs a new windscreen @ $170 at It also needs a new rider seat skin and a speedometer cable. Otherwise, it's in good mechanical condition. It could be ridden cross-country tomorrow. It has only 28,169 miles on the odometer but there is an additional 4,120 miles on the bike since the speedo cable gave out on a round trip from Phoenix to North Carolina where it ran like a good watch. Dunlop K555's have plenty of miles left. How does $2,500 sound? I'm in Phoenix. Come ride it home! Posted May 1, 2009.

james (not verified)
'89 pc800

hmmm, I just got one of these, looks just like the white one up there.
I got it from california, and the guy had dropped it once on the right side, scuffed it some but not too bad. I just cut a new mirror for the holder and glued it on. it runs perfect, and I love riding it. I got it in a swap for my old van which was a serious guzzler. the plan was to save enough gas money to pay for my buddy's car and give it to my girl. but the economy being what it is in louisiana here in the swamp, I just lost my job and I'm in a bind cuz now I owe my friend for half the car, etc, etc, ..
I'd hate to sell it, I love it already. I once had a '78 honda cl200 too.
but honestly, if I could get about 2600 for mine, I might sell it and use the money to pay off the car, and finish my jeep I been working on for 3 years.
this is the fist time I've been to this site/page.

james (not verified)
'89 pc800

oh, it runs perfect and has about 65,000 miles.

james (not verified)
'89 pc800

whoops, sorry, if anyone wants to talk about it.

jim backes (not verified)
pc 800

sir: could you email me some pictures of this bike and tell me more on the history of it. any broken plastic, scratches, seat and tire condition. thanks Jim p/s what kind of mileage did you get on your trip?