Honda/ Rebel CMX450/ 1986

I Purchased this bike nearly 4 years ago for a thousand dollars with only seven thousand miles on the odometer. The orginal owner was under belief that it was just a factory 250 rebel. With a little research i realized i found little gem. Now i currently am creeping up on nearly 60,000 thousand miles. The bike is still going strong at 16,000 miles i rebuilt the motor after an overzealous trip to lake george newyork. Its now closer to a 465 than a 450 and uped the carbs up to dual 40's instead of the stock 38s. neadless to say that it is breathing a whole new life through that 6speed gear box. and not a single problem since the rebuild. just regular changing of break pads and oil. This bike rarely sees a garage, and is even less frequently cleaned. it spends most nights infront of my west philly rowhome or in allies around center city philly. I am also a motorcycle safety rider coach. and coworkers affectionately nicknamed it "the program bike". ill gladely wear that name like a badge. of coures a i have a number of accessories for all the occassions, but i preffer to let the bike run naked and free Jason Miller



great story man! i have a honda rebel 250 2006 model i love it!

Great story but ...

... need a brigher pic!

Keep on riding, stay safe

Honda/ Rebel CMX450/ 1986

Anybody know where I can get a replacement gas tank for this bike?


I have a Honda 1981 one owner GL-500 Silverwing Interstate in very good condition. It has spent its life in my basement. I rode it for a while while there was a club in the area but for the past 14 or 15 years it hasn't even had a battery in it. I drained the gas changed the oil and put it up. The parts are so difficult to get for it I don't dare take it out and mess it up now, but would like to trade it on a bike I can take out and ocassionally ride to work. I would consider a 250 Bridgstone or a 450 Honda Rebel. If anyone is interested I can send them some pictures I took last summer while I had it out for a wash. It has both side cases, a removal back seat and trunk. AM/FM cassett sound system. I did put new tires on it about 4 years ago and they have seen nothing but the concrete in the basement.
Thank you, Ron

gaz tank

you can find in parts store that's around 350

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My 450 RatRod

Sweet story man...

Like you I found a diamond in the rough. 87 Rebel 450 not running off the net. It was not running and a electrical nightmare. Rusted abused & left to rot.

20,000+ miles on the original engine. I've done nothing to it but change the oil fix the front brakes & put a clutch in it. Now pushing 27,000 in 3 years.

I went to work on it. But instead of polishing that diamond. I went the other way and left here rougher than I found her.

Chop'd the rear and fab'd new steel fender. Started rip'n every stock unessential part off the bike I could. Minimalist at heart here.

So after the fender chop. Removed the rear shocks and fab'd own (NOT FLAT STEEL STRUTS, Like so many others) but round bar struts to go in the stock shock locations.

Lowered the rear 6 - 8 inches. Had to chop the pipes at this point as they were nearly touching the ground at the tips. Went straight pipe then added Harley tips.

Custom carbs from SUDCO & new intakes (the old ones were rotted). Removed the air box and went with 2 UNI open air filters on the SUDCO carbs.

Drag Specialties King Sport 3.3gal Tank. Had to modify the backbone of the bike to accomodate it.

Lepara solo seat on chrome springs. Diamond plate seat pan under the seat.

Diamond plate LIC plate mount on left side with old school round tail light.

New Malteze X mirros.

New flatter A bars & fatty foam grips.

Foot peg rubbers rotted off. Left them off just metal sticks pegs interesting during high speed vibrations :)

Tiny Rear blinks (Iridium Lensed Carbon Fiber shells / from sport bike)

Paint is Flat on Flat high temp black. sand blasted engine off (clear was rotting off) and painted jugs black & lower case hammered steel. Wires are fire engine red. Pin striped vendors red to match. Made vinyl 5150 for the tank & now German Helmet
sportin skull with Ace's & 8's to go along with it. Working on some vinyl for the rear vendor. Chose not to do paint # 1 for the $ and # 2 the paint is porus and likes to bubble as this is an outdoor bike. I brillo pad it off and poof can it black when it happens. Good as new...

Wrapped headers and painted pipes black up to the Harley tips.

Rake unchanged but with the rear soo low it gives the effect of a slight rake. Bike super low and drags the pipes under the engine on hard cornering. But being a rigid frame now high speed cornering is not recommended :) trust me I've had the OH SH*T effect several times.

Complete project working on the bike once or twice a week every other week took just under a year.

She's not pretty (to others) But to me she's a work of beauty. Runs too rich. The new carbs, open air filters & vacuum system removal & straight pipes just won't play together nice. Going to try to get a set of after market NO REJET required staggered single sided dual exhaust from Jack's in Florida to see if I can tame the little beast.

So far top speed on it is around 100mph. Again not recommended on a 300lb bike ~! but just had to see what it could do. It had a little more left but didn't go for it...

Vibration on the rigid frame at that speed was quite an experience. factor in the wind and the passing semi's on the freeway. ;)

Here's some pics for your viewing pleasure...

Stephen a.k.a. 5150

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O by the way. My email

O by the way. My email address is stephen5150 at if anyone would like to talk about the scoot...


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86 rebel 450

Just got this 86 Rebel 450. Paid 1k and the bike looks and runs great. One of the funnest bikes I've riden. It has 19k miles but you can't tell by how it runs. I feel like I got a great deal on a great bike.

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Keep on riding, stay safe

Keep on riding, stay safe

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I got a 250 last year. I

I got a 250 last year. I love it, but unfortunately the previous owners seem to have done no upkeep and i'm having to replace several parts. the only thing i haven't had a lot of luck finding is an aftermarket airfilter. it was having some problems so i started looking at it and found the airfilter had a lot of oil on it. any suggestions?

tiffany (not verified)

by the way, my email is

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