Honda / Shadow "Spirit" 750 / 2001

I bought this bike used several months ago and have driven it 40 miles to work (round trip) every day thereafter. Between 52 mpg, my wife using our only car to schlepp our two kids around, and 8 months of cycle-friendly weather per year, this bike is effectively my full-time transportation (unless there is ice on the road). Ride to Work: Most of my work-related commute driving is heavy urban/freeway (Washington D.C. area) - the Shadow 750 keeps pace and generally handles well in traffic. Plenty of crotch-rockets fly past me en route, but I can still outrun almost any minivan or SUV. Condition: The bike had some minor cosmetic damage to the chrome on the exhaust (right side) - it looked as if it had fallen over or been dropped. Otherwise it is in very good condition with only 9,200 miles on the clock. Mods: The previous owner installed a fat rear tire and removed the baffles from the stock dual pipes (it's pretty loud for a 750). No modification since purchase, other than standard TLC. Jeff Wright


please replace the mufflers - loud is bad

for several reasons...:

1) if it were a safety feature, the noise should come out the front to warn people ahead. NO study ever done has shown that increasing the noise level of a motorcycle has any reduction in accident rates for riders.

2) a properly tuned engine, with proper mufflers, is both quiet and powerful. Switch mufflers (make it more noisy) and you're losing power as the system is detuned.

3) loud motorcycles are in the minority, but are what most people think of (and cringe about). When there's a noise ordinance up for a vote, or a new law to ban motorcycles from certain areas, or even a whole city, noise is what they'll remember. Loud bikes lose rights.

noise is a good thing

noise has saved my bacon twice its nice to see your opinion but mine is better even trains have noise and huge horn's for a reason.Simi's are loud and have big horns big is the better choice and loud pipes do save lives study it all you want all a study does if give a partial opinion so who ever is loudest wins. understand?
that's the way the world works because so many have been lead to believe what they hear and can't make a opinion for them selves any longer.Ride safe ride loud or get off the sidewalk.Your number one statement is something you must have dreamed up.your number two statement is just dumb any one can re-jet there bike to make up more horse power,number three is just as dumb as number one looks like you just wrote your opinion thinking it was in Washington is great but I don't want a helmet law keeping me safe from my self if you like them you wear the dang thing and keep your self serving ignorant laws to your self, communism sucks.

Loud is bad.... HAHAHA

What a puss.... if you want quiet move to a retirement comunity u old bastard... I deff want my bike as loud as I can get it just like the first reply... TRAINS, SEMI's make loud noise for a reason. If for some reason your old ass left your glasses at home and cant see me comeing down the road and haven't replaced the battery in your belltone then I want my bike loud enough that you can still hear me instead of haveing to dodge you ass when you pull out in front of me...

loud saved my life

i was almost hit by a young driver that wastn watching what she was doing. my exhaust made her realize i was there

Joe (not verified)
I Agree Completely!

I know for a fact that people notice I'm there as the Sound from my Cobra Drag Pipes bounce off all the structures around me advertising my presence.

My wife tested this riding to the front left of me in a minivan and she told me she could hear me coming the whole way.

yellowduc (not verified)
lauding loud

the first two posts are made by morons from either extreme sides of the spectrum.

while there may not have been an official study of the efficacy of loud pipes over quiet pipes, I'll rely on my anecdotal evidence as a rider - as well as my understanding of sound waves - and say that loud pipes save live.

FYI to the Lefty poster at the top (this coming from a proud Lefty/Commie/Socialist), loud pipes may annoy you - and they annoy me too, as I live on a busy street in a big city - but so what? Life is great. Be glad that's a roar of a friendly motorcycle engine you're hearing, and not the roar of a lion about to eat your arse! A little bit of noise is a small price to pay to live in a society that keeps you from being eaten by lions. Another FYI, Doppler shifts and focused sound waves aside, sound doesn't travel in one direction. Even anecdotal evidence proves that. My pipes are behind me when I ride, but I can still HEAR THEM!

To the right wingnut jerk who posted second, all I have to say is STFU. Morons like you don't help bikers. Helmet laws are the providence of insurance companies who don't want to have to pay out when it comes time to hose you off the highway. But please, don't wear a helmet, 'cuz I hate insurance companies (except when I need 'em), and maybe you'll get lucky and win a Darwin Award. The world will be a better place either way.

For what it's worth, loud pipes AND whining Lefties both save lives, and neither are appreciated by others. And we're all just Squeaky the Chicago Mouse at the end of the day.

John (not verified)
Not loving loud but it's better than the alternative!

I have loud pipes for a total of 1 day now. It is LOUD, it is annoying and I am considering that I may in the end switch them back to stock.

HOWEVER that being said, On the way home on my first day, a car started to pull a right hand turn right into my path in front of me. Once I realized what he was going to do I pulled in the clutch and gave a burts of throttle. The car slammed the brakes before the driver had a chance to "accidentially" (carelessly) cut me off. He was so startled he dropped his cell phone on the floor! (not even kidding)

SO ...Once ALL DRIVERS stop:

-Putting on make up
-Digging for papers
-Making cell phone calls
-Playing with radios
-TEXTING!! (are you people for real or what??)
-Eating your breakfast

...THEN I will get rid of my LOUD pipes. Knowing the likelyhood of this happening is about a snowballs chance in hell, I suggest anyone bothered by it should buy a good set of ear plugs.

If you arent willing to give up chatting about what Jane did at Mitzys sleepover last Saturday I am not willing to give up my life.


KutWrite (not verified)
Loud is What?

Deciding how to live based on safety studies, what's "proper," and what ordinances others might pass is NO way to live!

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