Honda VF1100S 1984

Bought in June of 2003 for $2k. Had 52k miles on it, now has 63k. Used 98% of the time for 36 mile RT commute. Majority of commute is LA freeway HOV lane. Pros: lots of power. Cons: too tall and heavy. As a commuter you can't go wrong with Honda reliability, and the shaft drive. Mods: Bike is completely stock except for the handlebars (not shown in pic), and the optional Hondaline fairing. I have plans to make extensive mods to the bike this year (2005), that will keep it going for another 60-70k miles of trouble free use. Tom Calvet



I have a 700 magna and tried one of these the other day. "Wow" is all I have to say. Love my bike, but would love to have a larger frame like your 1100 Sabre.