got her with 2k miles. Added led blinkers, windscreen, saddlebags, and tail bag, ss brakes, 13k later she's running like a champ. Day to day riding twoshey



I also have a 919 one of the best bikes I have ever owned. I have the Honda shield on mine and so I would like to upgrade what type of shield do you have on yours? What saddle-bags are you using and how did you route the straps? My e-mail address is

Thank you
Scott Ludwig

question re your 919

I wanted to ask as Scott - what bags and shield do you have and how did you route your straps/bags around your exhaust?


Bags and exhaust

Have you had any trouble witht he exhaust damaging your soft bags?

Anonymous (not verified)
saddle bags

more of a problem with the saddle bags rubbing the exhaust shield and messing up the finish on the shields. Once some dirt gets under there the rubbing acts like sand paper kinda.

charles (not verified)
saddle bags

What typ of saddle bags do you have? And what brand is the windshield. I have been looking around and have found very little for my 919. Thanks

Anonymous (not verified)

I want to add a windscreen, but would like some input before making a final decision. I looked at OEM and Givi models. The Givi looks solid, but I haven't found any reviews relating to either product. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!