JT's 2007 Suzuki Burgman 400


Not trying to be mean or funny...

but your helmet looks like it might be a size or two too big for you. I'm just concerned for your safety because a helmet that doesn't fit properly is not very effective at preventing head injuries.

Ride safe.

My wife loves hers

my wife has the exact same bike. only thing different is that she bought an after-market bracket that turns the butt-bumper into a backrest. She really loves it now.

Be safe

Burgman 400 and 650

We Have the 650 and 400 Burgmans. love the 650.... but not truly hooked on the 400 yet....Friend of mine has the 400 Majesty.... runs a lot smoother....Any Sujestions...Moe

My helmet Size is correct

The helmet is not too big, it fits properly. Thanks for the concern though.