KLR 650 is the ultimate ride into Boston

I was riding my Honda Reflex scooter as my daily commuter for 15000 miles in 3 years. My commute changed. Now, I ride into the big City of Boston 3 days a week on a big enduro. My KLR 650 soaks up the bumps and potholes as if they don't exist. I still get 50 mpg vs 60 on the big scooter. I park for 7.50 per day in the New England Medical Center garage vs 12.50 for my car.

One big difference between the scooter and the bike is that on the scooter, all kinds of people would stop me to ask me about it and say how cool it is. Nobody ever talks to me on my KLR. Maybe it's too big and ugly or scary looking.

work to ride - ride to work that's me.