Linhai Powermax 260 2003

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It looks like the scooter has been taken good care of. I've got one just like it but I cant find any aftermarket part for it. I'd like to know where I can get parts for my scooter if you know where to get parts this model.

fuel and vacuum hose connections on the 260cc

I have a power max 260 1992 year model.
I had to remove my fuel tank in the process of trouble shooting and removal of the Ign. coil.
Now I feel like a big dummy because I didn't pay attention to where I was disconecting the Vac. and Fuel hose(s).
WOULD please tell and shod me where the hoses connect.

On the front lower portion of the tank there is a three port connector valve and I am in doubts of where the hoses connect also around the cadburator connection ports.
There is a very small hose in diameter I need to know about.
All the hoses I need information and pictures.

Truly, your information and help will be appreciated.
My E-mail is and my telephone is 772 539 9139 Vero Beach Florida

Thank you
James RL Ward


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what kind of gas mileage

what kind of gas mileage does it get?
someone has a 2003 linhai powermax 260cc with only 1,499 miles on it. it's automatic/water cooled/got the windshield too/
asking price is $1600.00.
Do you have any advice? I'm thinking about buying it and would like to know what you think of yours if you have one.

Bro. Joe Benson (not verified)

Ihad replaced the tires on my powermax 260 because it kept losing air. I am still having this problem with the new tires. What can be the problem. PS. friend you do not look gay to me. You look like a humble guy. Stay encouraged

Steve (not verified)
I am a mechanic and own my

I am a mechanic and own my own shop. I think the solution to your problem is pretty straight forward.

The way I would trouble shoot this problem is to first check the valve stem. Use some soapy water to check for a leak where the stem is installed in the rim. If that checks good, then take the valve cap off and check for a leak at the valve core. If it passes those checks, immerse the tire and rim into a pan of water to check for leaks around the tire bead. This can be done with the wheels on the bike as long as the pan is deep enough to completely immerse the lower portion of the wheel. The rims could be damaged and air could be leaking through the rim.

If no leak can be detected or if mutiple leaks are found, you may have to have tubes installed in the tires. Good luck.