little commuter, big fun, huge advantages!

This is my 07 Ninja 250. I ride every day, rain or shine, which can change every four minutes here in FL! I used to ride larger cruisers, but was determined to find something light and comfortable for my daily commute - and how! Average 55mpg with a 5 gallon tank = 275 miles per tank!! I've added a touring windshield and an 18 gallon rubbermaid bin that gets removed easily for normal days, and added for large loads. HINT - keep a bungee cord wrapped over your tank. You'd be amazed how many different ways you'll find to use it!

Keep your eyes open and the rubber side down! :D


Rubber Maid


'm also in the market for a EX250

Been commuting on cruisers for the last 4 years. Recently I sold 2 of my bikes and got a new one, another cruiser. But, I've been eyeing the little Ninja for years now and wondered how it would be as a daily commuter. Everything I've read says it is an excellent tool for the job. I will likely pick one up when I can scrape up a couple $$. BTW I like the old style better then the new 08's. Looks to be more comfortable and parts should be abundant. You got yourself a wiener there.