Lorelei has been my daily commuter for a long time...

Lorelei is the name I gave to my faithful steed: a '99 BMW K1200LT I've owned and care for since it was new.

I have a 70+ mile commute (round-trip) to work. I've always ridden Lorelei to work; fortunately, South Florida's weather makes doing that year-round practical (except in the "monsoon season" between June and early August, where I have to pack more rain gear). I far prefer commuting on her than I do commuting in a four-wheeled conveyance or even Tri-Rail, South Florida's heavy commuter rail service--although nowadays I find myself riding Lorelei to the Tri-Rail station to commute on the rails more and more with the soaring price of gas.

I guess you could say that while I don't ride a "hybrid" vehicle, I have a "hybrid" commute. Lorelei gets around 42 miles per gallon, about the same as my wife's Prius.


Harry (not verified)
With some hypermiling, I get

With some hypermiling, I get over 50 mpg in my Prius. On a trip to Maine, I got 61 mpg. Your wife's Prius should do much better than 42 mpg, especially in Florida. Tell her to slow down a bit.

My '03 R1150RT used to be my most fuel efficient vehicle, but now the Prius is. The RT averages around 46 mpg, and can get 50 mpg highway if I'm not in a hurry.