Loud pipes saves lives

Me on my 2002 Honda VTX 1800 with racing pipes. People tell me that they can hear me before they see me. At least they know to look out for me. VVVRRROOOMMM.



Loud pipes annoy people!

Loud pipes

I own a '02 Goldwing I enjoy the quiet. But this is a free country. You gotta do what a man (or woman) has to do.

Bob Burgoon
Indian Land, SC

Loud pipes for the weak.

Attention to the road saves lives.


If the road was not full of stupid dorks we might not have to have loud pipes. If my loud pipes annoy you so that you see me and I stay alive than deal with it! Oh by the way...I dont wear a helmet either! you probibly want me to press one for english too I bet :-)

Loud pipes

don't save anything. They don't hear you coming. They hear you when you are next to them, and they really hear when you are leaving, but by then it is too late to save any lives. Loud pipes are "cool" to some riders. Call it like it is. You have loud pipes because you want loud pipes, no other reason. Not wearing that helmet will go a long way towards saving your life too. But that won't annoy anyone but you. And maybe the family you leave behind.

jim (not verified)
loud pipes

Loud pipes are NOT a right, however they do disrupt MY right to a quiet and peaceful atmospere. Loud pipes give bikers a bad rap and will only serve to make rules tougher for bikers and give cops a reason to stop us!
Firetrucks, cop cars and ambulances save lives....who pulls over for any of them when they are responding with sirens and lights designed to face forward to move traffic out of the way????? This loud pipes saves lives thing is a joke. My helmet will save me!