This is the bike I ride to work in Barcelona Spain. It,s from ´66, so figure. In spite of you think it,s strange there are a lot of Impalas in my city.



Very cool bike!

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Your Montesa

I agree, a very cool bike! I don't believe that model was ever imported into the U.S. The motor appears similar to the 250cc used on trials bikes and off road competition bikes. What is it's ave. fuel milage? Two strokes aren't known for their great fuel milage, but with a motor that size could still be very good. Did the fairing come with the bike from the factory? It does not appear to have normal gages of speedometer and tach. What's in the silver box where the gages normally are?

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It,s a Montesa Impala Sport

It,s a Montesa Impala Sport 175. The engine is the original monoblock and this engine is the father of all Montesa engines. It was tuned for trials , motocross and enduro and roadracing. This model of bike won the 24 hours of Montjuich in the sixties. The mileage is about 4 litres/100 kms. The fairing is aftermarked and made by Puig in fiberglass. The bike was prepared for a winter road rally past year and the silver box is for the roadbook. This bike is so good that there are still a lot running everyday in Barcelona Spain.

Pele (not verified)

This bike became my favorite when I saw these in Barcelona the first time some years ago. Would it be possible to buy an Impala in Barcelona area for a reasonable money?? It would be a dream to buy one and ride it back to Finland.
I'm not interested in a perfectly restored specimen but just a complete original bike in a using condition. Even Imapala 2 would be fine.
Are there still all reserve parts available?
Just to make it clear; I have own and ridden bikes since 1972. Impala is such a clean and simple design - an anti thesis to these ower worked bike models of today.

Greatful for a reply


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Yes, you can buy one. I

Yes, you can buy one. I don,t know how much money is reasonable for you, but there are always impalas for sale. No problems with the spares. The Impala 2 is still better than the one. Mainly the motor.
If you are really interested you can write me will give you a lot of information.
José Antonio.

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Impala notes

The Impala was the bike that rescued Montesa from the hard times resulting from the Spanish economic downturn at the time and the exit of Francisco Bulto (who was a co-founder of Montesa and 30% shareholder along with co-founder and majority shareholder Pedro Permanayer) due to his falling out with Pedro Permanayer over the need for racing activities.

Permanayer dismissed racing as too expensive and Bulto felt it extremely necessary. The engine was a new design which, in regards to bore and stroke, was almost "square" in these dimensions.

It represented work by the newly arrived engineering talents of Leopoldo Mila who was acting technical director. The talent of test rider and primary field level engineering input from Pedro Pi was fundamental for the Impala's development. This was in 1960.

Bulto had left, along with a good number of Montesa engineers and even Juan Gracia (a key test rider and factory racer)and went on to form Bultaco. The Impala's, as many new Montesa models recieved, importance was solidified through a rigorous test. The feat known as "Operation Impala" which saw a six rider team with three Impalas was significant in the marketing of the model. In fact, the Impala was later brought back as the "Impala 2" to once again rescue Montesa from impending financial doom in the early 1980's.

The Impala's engine differed significantly from previous Montesa models and was not the only contribution to the development of later engines. Yes, the "monoblock" idea for Montesa engines is key, but the Impala engine differed from many other models.

Ian (not verified)
Montesa Impala

I briefly rode a 250 Impala many years ago. In comparison to my 250 Bultaco Metralla, the Impala seemed to be more torquey. Was the 250 Impala a 4 or 5 speed? I don't remember.

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JIM BOUND (not verified)
the first bike l rode on!

My dad was in charge of the tuning department at Montesas during the development of the Impala during 1961 ( previously he had raced the 125cc Montesa Brio in the Isle of Man TT in 1957 and 1958). We lived in Barcelona and l was only a baby, moving back at the end of 61' dad ( Jim Bound senior) was presented with one of the first bikes ( 175cc) off the production line as a farewell gift.

l remember riding on the tank a few years later when l was about 3, but in 65' the bike developed gearbox problems and dad laid the bike up, stripping the whole bike down for some reason. In 1978 when l got my provisional licence ( in the days when you could ride a bike up to 250cc on L plates) dad repaired the gearbox and built the bike back up again so that l could ride it (race it) on the road.................up against the likes of KH250s and RD250s etc it was tough work and the bike started to age quickly under my youthful torment!....................l didnt kill it completely but l do remember the kickstart lever taking chunks out of the crankcase on its way back to its normal position..................a common fault with this engine!

The bike was returned to my father as l wanted to preserve the her for when l became a more responsible rider, it then went back to how it had been for many years ( in pieces). My dad has since sadly passed away but l still have the old Impala, well at least most of it as he did borrow parts for various projects.

Has anyone out there got an lmpala out they would like to sell?

lf you would like to chat about lmpalas you can e-mail me at

all the best,


Don B. (not verified)

You know a lot about Montesa! You're not, by any change, Mike Griffits, totally awesome SoCal trials rider from the 1970s are you? I worked at a Montesa Dealer in San Diego during that time.

JAMES BOUND (not verified)
Montesa Impala


My dad worked for Montesa during the development of the Impala in Barcelona, he was head of the tuning department. Previous to that he raced the 125cc Brio in the Isle of Man TT 1957 and 1958. l still have the 1963 lmpala that he was given by Montesa when we he moved back to England which l am currently restoring.

l have loads of photos of dad racing Montesa's and publicity shots of the lmpala.

lf you would like to talk Montesa it would be great to hear from anyone with the same interest.

best regards,


laszlo regos (not verified)
The Impala 175 was imported

The Impala 175 was imported to the US. I bought one new in 1967 in Los Angeles, and I had a friend who also had one. I rode it a lot even going on some longer rides, (LA to Palm Springs on the freeway). Once got a ticket going 90mph! I stored it for about 30 years and then sold it to someone who was collecting old Montesas.

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Montesa Impala was a model, popularly used for road racing. These bikes featured six-speed, bolt on gearboxes, in semi-unit construction, with all gears running on needle-roller bearings. I inherited a Montesa Impala from my grandpa. But unfortunately I can not ride it as it has some problem in brake panel. I'm looking for that brake panel at cheap and affordable price. Can you provide any information on Discount Brake Rotors for that specific model?

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